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Bayaan at Shahporan Masjid on Sunday 26 August 2018

Asalamu alaikum warahmathullah.

In sha’Allah the monthly bayaans at Shahporan Masjid, Longsight will start again from this month and continue every month. We intend on holding it on the last sunday of every month. Please make sure we all support our local Masjid and make time to be there, bring friends and family with us and most importantly make Dua these events are successfull Ameen!
Also we are collecting donations to fund these events so please help us with whatever you can. Im sure you can give at least Ā£20? Expenses will generally be food, drinks, posters and leaflets and the cost of the speaker.
Please help your Masjid, by donating now. Give it to either Mufti Saab, Sheikh Rubel, Sami or Rajik. Furthermore, can you kindly spread the message to family and friends.

Jazakhallah khair

Please Donate Generously to the Masjid

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