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Iftar Packages

At Shahporan Masjid During the month of Ramadan, we provide Iftar meals for those who attend our Mosque to break their fast together for number of years now. we serve Iftar meals to approx 100 people on average daily, and Alhamdulillah all the cost are covered by the generous Donations of our community brother and sisters.  Iftari Board is located near the entrance of the Masjid during Ramadan with the name of the individual or business who are providing the meals daily. We have now the facility and chefs on site who can cook the Iftari meals and can take the hassle away for you for an affordable cost Please see our Iftar Packages Here.

We have 3 different Packages Bronze, Silver and Gold with 3 different prices starting from £195 which will feed 100 People please contact our Masjid Imams or the Masjid Trustee’s who will be happy to help you.

Please see our Ramadan Iftari Notice Board (updated Daily)

Ramadan Iftar Notice Board

Islamic DateEnglish DateName/BusinessIftar TimeMasjid Iftari Package
207/05/2019Haji Soyed Rashid Ahmed20:53
308/05/2019Moulana Shirazul Islam20:54
409/05/2019Shahporan Masjid20:56
611/05/2019Shahabuddin Chowdhury21:00
813/05/2019Muhammad Abu Laice (Al Muzamil)21:03
1015/05/2019Yasin & Yaqub21:06
1116/05/2019Anmol Meat (Arshad)21:08
1217/05/2019Hoshim & Team21:10
1318/05/2019Taste Ramadan21:11
1419/05/2019Motin and family21:13
1520/05/2019Gous Ali21:14
1722/05/2019Tufayel Ahmed21:17
1823/05/2019Deshi Bazaar21:19
1924/05/2019Haji Shala Jahinger and Zoyton c.s21:20
2126/05/2019Shah Ali21:23
2328/05/2019Chittagong Unity Welfare21:26
2429/05/2019Osmani 21:27
2701/06/2019Manchester Car Surgery and Autodirect21:31
2802/06/2019Zia Rahman21:33
2903/06/2019Sujon Miah21:34


Mortuary Installation is completed now and after Ramadan we should Insha’Allah have this all set up for use Jazak Allah for all the donations without your donations the Masjid would not be where it is now.


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