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The following decisions have been made for the safety and wellbeing of our musallees and will take effect from 19/03/2020 until further notice.

  1. Wudhu Must be performed at home.
  2. The Masjid will open 10 minutes before salaat and will close Immediately after, and for Jummah (Friday Prayers) we will open 20 Minutes before salaat.
  3. Please bring your own prayer mat from home is possible as the virus can stay on fabrics for a period of time. The prayer mat should be washed daily.
  4. We request All musallees to complete any Nafil and Sunnat rakats at home.
  5. No social gatherings before and after salaat at the Masjid will be allowed.
  6. Anyone who is generally unwell or with symptoms such as persistent coughing, high temperature (over 37.8 degrees) or shortness of breath Must not enter the Masjid.
  7. Anyone who has returned from abroad Must stay at home for minimum of 7 days.
  8. As our elderly are most at risk if you have underlying health issues please consider praying salaat at home.

We Must all follow these strict rules in-light of the COVID-19 virus outbreak which are in line with guidance from the authorities. Alongside spiritual guidance from Ulema, we request all musallees to follow the advice above.

Note: Guidance from Public health England is being monitored daily. Any changes will be updated once we are made aware of them.

Jazak Allah

Trustees of Shahporan Masjid

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