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Re-opening of Shahporan Masjid 4th July 2020

As-salâmu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullâhi wa barakâtuhu,
In line with the latest Governmental guidance, the Masjid will be re-opening for congregational Salah from 4 July 2020 Insha’Allah. This is subject to final approval from the government and public health authorities. When the Masjid does re-open, it will be in a phased approach, and due to the current two metre social distancing guidance, only a fraction of the congregation will be accommodated in the Masjid particularly for the Jummah prayers.
Shahporan Masjid are taking a number of steps to try and manage the safety of the congregation. These measures include a strict one-way system through the building, closure of Toilets and Wudhu facilities furthermore, Hand sanitizers and wipes will be available at the Masjid entrance and exits.
Due to a combination of the restrictions on space and to protect the vulnerable, for the month of July we will be restricting access to those aged 12 to 70 years of age and with no underlying health conditions (e.g. Diabetes, COPD, Asthma, kidney/liver disease, weakened immune system). This guidance will continue to be updated in line with governmental guidelines Insha’Allah.
For the daily Salat, you can attend as normal, but everyone must adhere to the rules in place at the Masjid:
1. Do your Wudhu at home, as the Masjid’s facilities will be closed;
2. Wear a face mask at all times;
3. Ensure you are dressed appropriately (including wearing socks at all times and preferably gloves);
4. Bring your own shoe bag;
5. Bring your own prayer mat;
6. Follow the one-way system in place;
7. Maintain your social distance with all;
8. Exit the Masjid following completion of the Fard Salah and read your Sunnah prayers at home as the mosque will close 5 minutes after Fard Namaz.
For Friday Jummah Salah There will be limited spaces on first come first serve basis, Two Jamaats will take place (13:30 and 14:30) Doors will be locked when the Masjid has reached Maximum Capacity.
Maktab classes will continue as normal via Online Zoom till further notice.

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