Taste Ramadan 2019

Event details

  • Friday | Saturday 18th May 2019
  • 8:00 pm
  • Shahporan Mosque and Islamic Education Centre 109-115, Beresford Road, Longsight, Manchester, M13 0TA

Dear Neighbours,

We hope that this message reaches you in the best of health & happiness. You may or may not be aware that your fellow Muslim neighbours and friends are going through the month of Ramadan during May – June 2019, where they fast from dawn till dusk. Ramadan is an auspicious time for Muslims; wherein one reflects and contemplates much on the relationship we have with God Almighty. The days are long and we have worshippers coming into the Mosque throughout the day and late into the night for their prayers. This can indeed cause an inconvenience for our non-Muslim neighbours; for which we apologise in advance.

We feel privileged, that as a pillar of the Longsight community, we provide a facility where we can accommodate and help open the fast of the local Muslim populace. We would, therefore, like to cordially invite you, our fellow neighbours from all faiths or none, to share in this festive and wonderful experience by welcoming you to join us for the annual Iftar Meal organised by Shahporan Mosque and Taste Ramadan.

We would be honoured if you would accept our invitation to break bread with us and in essence ‘Taste Ramadan’ with us by partaking in a delicious and hearty meal cooked by our local chefs and Volunteers on 18th May 2019.

The event will comprise of a meet and greet and a tour of the Mosque, a look at the communal preparations for the breaking of the fast as well as a short presentation, followed by a full meal and the opportunity for networking.

If you have any specific dietary requirements please do let us know in advance and we will attempt to cater to your needs. If you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours in good faith,

On behalf of The Shahporan Mosque & Islamic Education Centre Trustee’s
Email: info@shahporanmosque.org

Registration is recommended as it will give us an estimate on how many attendees we should cater meals for so there is not shortfall or excessive amount of waste of food. 

Register: https://www.tasteramadan.co.uk/registration



Please Note: Time for Iftar 09:11pm and also please see our dress code Click Here.