Shahporan Mosque and Islamic Centre was established in 1998 by two founders Haji Abdul Mannan and Late Haji Amir Ali. Even though Haji Abdul Mannan didn’t live local to the Masjid, he and Late Haji Amir Ali felt there was a need for a local Mosque for the Muslim community in Longsight, Manchester Area. From here they both started to raise funds by donations from the family and friends and also the local community to purchase the building which was previously a Knitwear Factory.

Haji Amir Ali and the local community including Abdul Ghofur transformed this factory into a mosque using basic tools to create desks for the children and accommodate the children to learn basic Arabic and learn the Quran. They hired builders to do basic transformation to get the mosque opened for the community as quick as possible.
At the time they named the mosque Al Quba Mosque however later on they renamed it to Shahporan Mosque and Islamic Education Centre. This is because the congregation of the community preferred the name Shahporan Mosque and Islamic Education Centre.

In 2011, construction started rebuild the mosque by the help of the local community and funding from other major parts of the U.K. They raised donation and borrowed and spent just over £800,000 to build what we see now. However We need a further £130,000 for the mortuary facilities and repay all the Qardae Hasana which is currently approx £65,000 outstanding. (May 2018)

With the help of our dear brother and sister please donate generously as much as possible. Every donation is appreciated and together we can stay united as Muslims In Sha Allah.