The Masjid is not only a place of worship, but is also a place of learning. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spent most of his time in the Masjid and his noble companions learnt many things from being in the Masjid in his presence.


Islamic Education Classes
Islamic Studies (Qaida, Sipara and Qur’an)
Monday – Friday 5PM – 7PM
£25 per Student, per Month

ইসলামী শিক্ষা ক্লাস (ছেলে ও মেয়ে)
কায়দা, সিপারা এবং কুরআন
৫ টা থেকে ৭ টা পর্যন্ত সোমবার থেকে শুক্রবার পর্যন্ত
£ ২৫ প্রতি মাসে

Hafiz Studies
Monday – Friday 5PM – 8PM
£50 per Student, per Month

হাফিজ ক্লাস (শুধুমাত্র ছেলেদের)
৫ টা থেকে ৮ টা ঘড়ি সোমবার থেকে শুক্রবার পর্যন্ত
£ ৫০ প্রতি মাসে

Daily 5 Times Prayers (Salah)
Bangla Classes
Saturday & Sunday 11am till 1pm for boys and girls on the first floor of the Masjid
Tafseer Class for Men
Every Sunday 1pm till 2pm with Hafiz Heefzur Rahman
Friday Prayers (Jummah)
Begins at 12:30PM – 12:50PM / Begins at 12:45PM – 1:05PM (Daylight saving time)
Begins at 12:50PM – 1:15PM / Begins at 1:05PM – 1:30PM (Daylight saving time)
Begins at 1:15PM / Begins at 1:30PM (Daylight saving time)
Funeral Services
Janazah Prayers can be held in Shahporan Masjid, also we now have Ghusl Equipment’s this Can be arranged Please contact the Masjid Imam or Trustee’s.
Mosque Visits and Dress Code
Adhan Radio Receiver
We provide Adhan radio Receiver for your home if you would like to order please contact the Imam of the Masjid or Trustee members or alternatively contact us by email

Prices for the radio receivers vary depending on how much it cost to buy from our suppliers prices go up and down however it’s just a one of fee for the receiver no monthly subscription!

Iftar Facilities
During the month of Ramadan, we provide Iftar meals for those who attend our Mosque to break their fast together. We host about 100 people on average daily, and Alhamdulillah all the cost are covered by the generous donations of our community brother and sisters.  Iftari Board is located near the entrance of the Masjid during Ramadan with the name of the individual or business who are providing the meals daily. We can take the hassle and Provide Iftar meals which is cooked by our on site Chefs Please see our Iftar Packages Here


If you would like to organise an Event in the Mosque please contact one of the trustees of the mosque or alternatively send an email with brief description of your request, with name and contact number to